For people who are afraid of dogs, if they encounter a dog without a dog leash, they may start to be cautious within 50 meters. If you happen to run into each other in an elevator, you have to curl up in a corner and pretend to be calm.


Dog leash


Many owners say, "My dog doesn't bite." But who can guarantee 100% that it won't happen? The importance of a dog leash can be seen in the news of dogs biting passers-by or other pets without a dog leash.

Dogs are prone to stress reactions in unfamiliar environments, and keeping the dog on a leash is not only protecting the safety of others but also the safety of pets.


The benefits of a dog leash

1. Dog leash can prevent the dog from running or playing on the road and scaring the elderly, children, or pregnant women.
2. Dog leash can prevent your dog from getting into a car accident on the road. If the dog is too excited to go out, it is easy to run around. If the leash is not leashed in time, it may be hit by a passing vehicle, which can cause lifelong disability or even death.
3. A dog leash can avoid traffic accidents. It's really not worth it if a car gets into an accident trying to avoid a dog running loose on the road.
4. A dog leash can prevent your dog from losing it. If the dog without a leash runs outside and is lost, it will not only make the owner timid but also may eat roadside food, easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort and even poisoning.
5. A dog leash can prevent your dog from getting skin diseases. When the owner is walking the dog, the dog likes to run to the grass to play. It is easy to encounter ticks or fleas, which can cause skin diseases. Therefore, having the dog lead can effectively prevent the dog from running to the grass.
6. When going out, the leash can prevent the dog from fighting with stray dogs on the road and avoid rabies. At the same time, the leash can lead the dog to a fixed position to discharge, can be cleaned up in time, and avoid pollution of the environment.


Length of dog leash

The types of dog leashes on the market can be divided into two types. One is a fixed-length pet rope, about 1-2 meters in length; The other is a retractable lead rope, which can reach a length of 3-5 meters.


The dog leash of choice

Dogs of different sizes should have a lead of different lengths. Larger dogs should have a lead of about 1.2 meters in length, wider and stronger, which is close to their owners and can also protect passers-by from being bitten. Smaller dogs are not as aggressive as larger dogs, but they need to pay proper attention, so it is recommended to choose a rope around 1.2 to 2 meters.

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