Have you ever thought of carrying your cat on an adventure, hiking, and your outdoor routines? Coming to think of it, are you confident enough to believe they will be safe, or will they cause a ruckus while you are traveling? How do you even carry them? Are you free to carry other things while carrying? Here is the best plug for you. All these questions are answered in one product. Cat bag backpack got your back!!!



Cat bag backpack is a safe and reliable carrier designed for outdoor travel for small dogs and cats with pulling a back muscle.



Hands-free option

The cat bag backpack usually comes with straps designed to go over the shoulders. The bag is carried at the back leaving the free from the hold.

Material and design

The cat bag backpack is made of different suitable materials like breathable oxford cloth, not easily scratched, long-lasting, waterproof, and double-sided which are all available in the Meet care wholesale market. The bags have expanding mesh that stretches to create more space when being carried. The bottom is made of soft pads which are firm for the comfort of the cat. The pads are removable for easy cleaning.


The cat bag backpack can be used for other purposes. When carrying the cat the side pockets can carry a water bottle, cat snacks, or keys or while not carrying the cat it can be used as a regular bag for carrying clothes or books.


The bag backpack has several zipped pockets for additional storage space. The pad materials used to make the bottom of the bag ensure the safety of the cat at all times even in the instances of bag fall. In addition, the pad gives the carrier safe space for carriage. The bags have many entry and exit points to cater to types of cats.


All the cat bag backpacks do have ventilation. The number of ventilation holes differs with the type of bags available in the Meet care wholesale market. Ventilation helps in the circulation of air in and out. Vented net which is available in some of the products also assists in airing the bag. Ventilation is also useful in regulating temperatures.

Transparency and clear vision

The windows are made of tinted plastics which are clear for vision. A tinted window helps in regulating the amount of light getting into the bag. Clear plastic allows the cat to enjoy the view of the outside world as it travels. In addition, it eases the anxiety of being in a different environment.


The bag backpacks have a big entry and exit point making it easy to the process of loading the cats and letting them out. Most of the bags can expand to create enough space and fold after use. For the comfort of the carrier, the bags are made of cushioned straps which are light in weight. To the cats that are curious and brilliant to open the zip zippers that lock is recommended which is plenty in the Meet care wholesale market.

In conclusion, all the above-described significances of cat bag backpack products are available in the meet care wholesale marker. And if there is anything we can do to help you as your reliable pet product supplier, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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