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 Do you know how cats' backpacks work? Meetcare is the leading wholesaler company around the globe. This article is helpful If you seem not to understand or lack the experience of the best varieties of backpacks for carrying cats. It is best to ensure that your cat has the best experience while in its backpack. Although not every cat is outdoors, that's how cat backpacks come in for a rescue. It allows you to carry your pet everywhere, such as on hikes, walks to vets, and flights.

Additionally, you may ask yourself if carrying your cat with a backpack is safe. Read through the guide, and you will learn more.

Is carrying cats with backpacks safe?

The answer is yes! Because Meetcare cat backpacks have a specific design that helps transport your pet, it is similar to a standard carrier. Further, the backpack is designed with clips for your cat's collar and an air hole that aids in ease of breathing. So, carrying your cats with backpacks is safe and enjoyable for your pet since most backpacks are characterized by windows allowing your pet to look out. However, there are different varieties of backpacks with other specifications.

Below is a guide on carrying cats with backpacks; this will help you understand how to maximize your pet's enjoyment and safety tips when using a cat backpack.


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What to consider before carrying your cats with backpacks?


Ensuring your cat backpack is of the correct size.


It would be best if you considered a Meetcare cat backpack designed with the correct size for your pet since it is very uncomfortable for cats to fit in a space that is too cramped or maybe larger than expected. So, before buying one, consider weighing and measuring your cat, this aids in ensuring that your pet fits in well with your preferred choice of backpack. Generally, weight recommendation is just an additional comfort to your pet but size is the most crucial recommendation for your pet.


Picking the right material


Regarding your cat's weight, cat backpacks vary in size, materials, and shape. They are commonly divided into soft and hard shells regarding material choice. But depending on your pet's weight, you may be forced to choose one over the other. Also, considering the temperamental status of your cat, then you may choose one over the other since sometimes cats are tempted to scratch the backpack causing damage to the carrier. The hard shell is best preferred since it cannot easily damage a cat's scratches or weight, but the soft one is a disaster since the cat can rip it apart quickly in a short time.

Additionally, for the smaller medium cats, the soft shells are a perfect match for them, but sometimes it doesn't matter.


Familiarize your cats with backpacks


Like any other pet, some cats will instantly familiarize themselves with the backpack, but others will not. So, never force your pet into the pack if they don't want to. Sometimes, it can be a bit weird for them, but eventually, they tend to catch up, but others will ultimately hate the backpack exposure.

It is advisable to leave the backpack open in your pet's favorite chilling spot, and then the bag will catch the cat's scent, which signifies home to the cat. Sometimes cats tend to open and check the backpack out on their own.

In conclusion, Meetcare is the leading cat backpack manufacturer and wholesaler; our markets are all over the globe, mainly in Europe and the US. Contact us today for our products.

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